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My Craft

When investing in digital marketing, you have limited time and a limited budget. There are endless possible moves you could make. My skill is in helping you find the right one.

I offer a sound decision-making process on what to prioritise when it comes to your digital marketing.

If you feel a wave of anxiety deciding how to invest your marketing budget, then I can strategise a way to take some of your existing bottom line, push it into fixing your website and traffic, and increase your profitablility.

My strategies usually pay for themselves in under a year by improving website performance.

You’ll need my attention, so I only focus on three projects at a time.

But my model isn’t for everyone.

We’ll need to agree on three values before doing business together:

  • We like each other and we have real conversations. Because the people around us make all the difference.
  • One pound in, two pounds out. Both of us need to notably profit by working together—or it’s just bad business.
  • Net positive. When we work together, we should make meaningful impact. Damn hippies!

Note: I rarely work for startups or risk-adverse corporates. My sweet spot is jamming with self-aware businesses that are ok with emphasising the distinct personality of their brand.

My model doesn’t come from magic


“Put that coffee down!”—The inspiration came from an Alec Baldwin scene my Los Angeles PR agency boss showed me in ’07. Yet much of the attention span psychology I use at the top of this website funnel began when I was learning to predict human behaviour as a teenage street magician in Vancouver.

The A.I.D.A. model


What’s the best traffic source(s) to get
 the attention of your market?


Now that they are on your website for the
 first time, can you increase their interest?


Is there a legit reason for people to return to your website multiple times?


Does traffic on your site convert to profit?
Via leads / sales / brand top-of-mind-awareness?

This model has also worked for my larger clients in the past

Proof that AIDA is the O.G.

Process + Case studies

How do you design a brilliant web page?
 And how do you predict what humans will do on it?
 I’ll teach you my step-by-step framework—using this very page as the example.

Zoom in. Learn the psychology that goes into a single page—one scroll at a time. Your awareness and decision-making process will never be the same.

Enter your email. I’ll send you the framework and some case studies that illustrate how website + traffic = profit:

First, you’ll learn how I strategise and identify market reality, then how a website page comes together, and finally, how a traffic campaign turns it up to 11.

Go on, have a peak behind the curtain

Elizabeth Baldwin

‘The Matous Effect’ is the best money we’ve spent on repackaging our products and improving conversion rates.

Elizabeth Baldwin Commercial Director, Law Business Research
Christine Armstrong

Filip terrifies me.

Prepare to rethink everything you thought you knew about how people use websites.

Christine Armstrong Founding Partner, Jericho Chambers

The book I wrote

Learn AIDA in three to four hours

After 25,000 hours of working on my craft, I boiled down what I’d learned. Macmillan published it.

You can read it—or get it on audible now.

How To Get Your Website Noticed, the book by Filip Matous
Buy How To Get Your Website Noticed on Amazon.co.uk

Fellow Londoner? You can find my paperback at:

What might you learn in the below launch video?

Three classic psychology tricks that magicians use,
 applied to digital strategy.

Watch my 45 second book launch:

Watch the How To Get Your Website Noticed book launch Play book launch video

Fancy working together?

My services work top to bottomleft to right

Digital strategy

Don’t speculate what to do online.
 Let me SWOT and show you your traffic and website performance.

Discover which traffic funnels to use (and reverse-engineer your competitors’); polarise your pitch + brand + website; map AIDA to your marketing process.

Brief creation (add on)

Ready to execute? You just need the right brief + the right people. Tap my experience. I’ll create an informed brief, advise on budget, and recommend/audit suppliers.

Website production

If your strategy calls for it, I can take the role of project lead.

Since producing my first website in 2011, I’ve been banging my head to get the people and process right. I’ve made painful mistakes, danced with burnout, learned market costs, realistic timelines, and what to avoid.

Strategy to execution requires capability. So if you don’t have the right people, I might. Over years of projects, I’ve gathered a handful of designers, developers, photographers, copywriters, videographers—all the people you need for a high-performance website.

Traffic campaigns*

* Only for clients after a digital strategy

Once you’ve launched your new website, it’s time to execute the traffic strategy and scale website attention.

Over the years I’ve nurtured a network of suppliers across five traffic channels: Paid, Press, Social, Search, and Direct.
 I never recommend anyone I haven’t worked with. I can either introduce you—or manage the campaign for a price.

If there’s enough data to forecast profit from your existing funnels,
 I offer performance pay.

And PS. I never add supplier margins.

For communication-heavy strategies I partner at Jericho Chambers

I work well with these folks

Some of my go-to suppliers

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Shall we connect?

I believe that the most valuable thing you can give someone is your attention. So I thank you for yours.

Go on. Tell me your challenge. I enjoy exploring markets and predicting human behaviour.

Maybe it’s time I learn about your market.

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